Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The fruit of my labor: congestionamiento

I get these ideas about updating my blog and I go online and save them as titles... and then I forget about them for about a week and have to go back and remember what I was thinking about. Work is going well, although sometimes I doubt myself and feel proud all at the same time, which is confusing for my brain. Like when I spend twenty to thirty minutes scanning the La Leche League International (LLLI) website (www.lalecheleague.org) in both Spanish and English trying to find the word for engorgement. Shockingly, this somewhat common breastfeeding ailment that can be cured by, among other things, cold cabbage leaves applied to the entire breast area, is not in my Spanish-English dictionary. And, contrasting from my lovely translations, the formatting in the English and Spanish verious of the LLLI Frequently Asked Questions is totally different, and not all of them are translated. Where's a partera when you need one? (I suppose that I could settle for a Spanish-speaking lactation consultant...) Anyway, I finally found it. And I felt such an overwhelming sense of accomplishment, and ridiculousness all at the same time.

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