Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Electron Transport Chain

Oh how I wish it could just transport me away. I'm sitting in my oh-so-miserable muscle metabolism lecture. While much of this insanely busy sequence involves a great deal of dissection and anatomy studying, a smaller portion definitely involves compromising with my professors "sick love of enzymatic detail."

And here we are at pyruvate kinase. For those of you who wish I would post more regularly, this is why I don't. What is there to say about pyruvate kinase? Other than that it catalyzes an irreversible reaction in the overall oxidation of glucose in the body... Basically, an enzyme only a mother could love.

Also, it's National Coming Out Day (NCOD, for those of you who find food word acronyms appealing)! Whee! (At least I have a fun rally to look forward to after this abysmal lecture.) Have a happy NCOD everyone!

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