Thursday, January 29, 2009

I was there…

It seems almost dated to write a post about the inauguration now, but I’m going to do it anyway. It will be short, because life is crazy right now, but it will be here.

We drove out to DC to see our new president sworn in. We sat in the car for 9 hours on the way there Monday night, on a bus for 20 minutes on the way to the subway Tuesday morning, stood in the Metro station for 45 minutes, and then in the Metro for approximately an hour before we were even close. Then, we walked with the hordes of people toward the mall. We were right near the Washington Monument. Apparently most of my friends were also “right there” but shockingly I didn’t see anyone I knew. It was amazing. My favorite part was seeing the kids there - they had little or no idea what they were seeing (depending on their ages), but I know they’ll be able to look back on it and recognize what a historic day it was. I know that some people weren’t impressed with President Obama’s speech, but to me it was a lovely list of things I’d been wishing/dreaming that our country would do during the last 8 years, but never quite got around to actually doing. (Actually, we willfully did the opposite of many of them, but nevermind - I’m hopeful…)

I think that’s all - I have more reading to do and I’m tired, but I wanted to check this one thing off of my to-do list.

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