Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cape Cod

This last weekend took Alicia and I to Falmouth, Massachusetts for the wedding of two wonderful MD/PhD candidate friends. It was an exciting excursion to Cape Cod (my first)! We flew into Providence, RI, rented a car, and headed to the Cape.

The weekend started with the delicious clam bake Matt and Heather had planned for their Welcome Dinner on Saturday night. There was so much food, and I disarticulated my first lobster. It was certainly tasty, but I think I prefer not to have to rip the legs off of my food in order to enjoy it. More lobster for everyone else!

Sunday morning and early afternoon Alicia and I drove out to Provincetown at the very end of the cape. It was a really pretty drive and we stopped and saw the Salt Pond Visitor Center for the Cape Cod National Seashore. There were people harvesting some kind of shellfish (maybe clams?), and the salt marshes were a completely different geography and ecosystem from any I’ve seen before.

When we got to P-Town, we headed straight to Gale Force Bikes, which according to my guidebook was the only place to rent a hybrid bike rather than a mountain bike. It turned out that these were not the sleek hybrids I was hoping for, but instead looked more like hybrid beach cruises. They were quite functional, if a little slow, however, and we made it across the cape (only a few miles) to Race Point Beach on the Atlantic side.

Biking quickly back into town, we had a delicious lunch, returned the bikes, and drove back to Falmouth for the wedding. It was a truly beautiful ceremony, perfectly suited to the bride and groom, and the reception was fun. I must say that my favorite part was the cake topper…

Congratulations Matt and Heather!

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