Sunday, January 02, 2011

A year of knitting…

Always interested in tallying and keeping track of things, I was interested to see how much I had knit in the past year. As was totaled in the side bar before the new year, I’d knit just over 4 miles of yarn in 2010. According to Google, this is roughly 258,509 inches. If you figure that each stitch is a bit less than an inch, it is safe to say that I’ve knit over a quarter of a million stitches this year. But what exactly does that mean? It turns out that with a cool quarter mil, you can make the following items:

18 baby items (3 set of baby mittens, 6 baby hats, 1 baby sleep sack, 4 pairs of baby booties, 1 baby sweater, 1 baby sweater vest, 2 bibs)

1 dog sweater

8 shawls/scarves/cowls

1 hat

2 pair of mittens/gloves

2 pairs of socks

2 dishclothes

5 bangles

2 garments (1 sweater vest, 1 cardigan)

Not too shabby… Here’s to another year of crafting!

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  1. Sock Monkey hat wins for most creative, most loved and most envied knitted project! 3 people have already asked Jake if you will make them one.