Thursday, August 04, 2011

Yellow with butterflies

It turns out that if you rotate with the vascular surgery service, you will likely spend some time watching angiograms, which allow you to look at the patient’s blood vessels using some kind of contrast and a CT scanner. It also turns out that a CT scanner uses ionizing radiation, which although it’s not terrible to have small doses and the benefit of the study often outweighs the harm, it’s generally not a good idea to expose yourself to it unnecessarily. Finally, it turns out that when you visit in CVC OR #8 for an angiogram, you get to wear one of the extra sets of lead garments to protect your precious reproductive organs, and all of the smallest ones are yellow, with butterflies. Oh, and did I mention that everyone else will be scrubbed in and covering their lead garments with sterile gowns, while you stand to the side behind a sheet of lead infused glass looking yellow and covered with butterflies? Also, sometimes when you grab an extra thyroid collar from the rack of guest lead garments to protect your neck, it will actually belong to someone named Mary and be embroidered with her name…

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