Monday, September 05, 2011

In which both my camera and my oven make a long-awaited appearance

It’s been a long time since I posted something unrelated to school in this space, and even longer since I posted a real photo (not taken with my phone). We can either just pretend that I successfully took photos to document the summer I spent in the hospital or pretend that I didn’t miss a season at all, since summer is by far my least favorite. I think that sounds good: 2011, the year of only three seasons.

To kick off fall, which comes right after spring, I think these muffins are quite fitting. I slightly modified this recipe, in that I used kale rather than spinach. You could smell the kale slightly after they were cooked, but couldn’t taste it at all. I plan to continue this variation on a theme, as I still have a lot of kale from the CSA and I am tired of eating it other ways.

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  1. Dad says that these look yummy. I think he may bake some tonight.