Wednesday, April 04, 2012

This tree smells like poop, and other signs of spring


There is a particular type of tree that, while lovely, smells a little bit like poop when it blooms. Perhaps there was a sale on these poop trees (bonus points if you can tell me what kind of tree it is…), because my apartment is surrounded with them. My neighbor said she thought that someone had forgotten to pick up after their dog until she realized that it was the tree. Unfortunate aroma aside, the trees are blooming and that means it’s springtime. Other signs:

1. Random public art. No one wants to make random art when it is cold outside. There is some artful string I noticed out behind my apartment (pictured below) and there are new decorations on the fence around the abandoned lot on my way to school. Perhaps the creative juices freeze and thaw too?
2. Walter still thinks it’s too cold for a long walk in the morning.
3. I have awesome new bar ends on my bike!!! Alicia helped me pick them out and I rode with them for the first time today. It was amazing, and as Ash predicted, I do not know why I didn’t do this sooner. They have cushy nerve padding and give me more hand positions that I had before. I’m looking forward to riding long distances with them – I’ll be sharing the results of the ride poll in the next week or so, so vote now if you wish!


  1. A sort of pear tree (callery, or some commercialized version of it). Pros: early blossoms, preferred upward pyramidal shape for landscaping in city places, good fall colors. Cons: smelly flowers.

    I did Science Olympiad, Forestry event. I'm just a nerd..

  2. But the best kind of nerd... :) I had one other friend who identified it as a Bradford Pear based on a landscaping class he took as an architecture student. I am surrounded by the horticulturally educated!