Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cape Cod Redux

Not quite two weeks ago I had the pleasure of celebrating with Allison and Katie at their beautiful wedding in Provincetown, MA on the tip of Cape Cod. I will never cease to be amazed at the uniqueness of each wedding I’ve attended (and it’s been three this year so far, with one or two still to go) and the “rightness” of each for the couple getting married.

This one started with the rehearsal dinner of a lifetime, featuring none other than the one and only Melissa Ferrick. For those of you not in the know, she is an amazing folk singer. For those of you in the know, IT WAS SO EXCITING!!!!!! I’m not sure what agreements were made, so I’m not posting any photos of her on the blog, but I will reassure you that I have pictures, and it was amazing.

The actual ceremony was also stunning, and took place on the beach. It was simple and heartfelt, and included the dog, which I appreciated a great deal.

The brides dip their toes in the ocean after the ceremony, and Stella gets ready.

Lest you think my trip to Cape Cod was filled only with wedding-related events, let me reassure you that it was not. The remainder of my time was filled with two activities, riding bikes and eating lobster rolls. This made for a truly idyllic weekend. I had not had a lobster roll before, and I tried several across the spectrum. Based on my research, the more expensive the roll, the more lobster and the larger pieces; the less expensive, the more mayonnaise and vegetables on the sandwich. I actually enjoyed both a great deal, and came to the conclusion that my previous belief that I disliked lobster was incorrect. Revised conclusion: I really, really dislike the smell of crustaceans before they are disarticulated and the meat is removed. I like both crab and lobster meat, but if I had to extract it myself from the shell, I’d never eat either again.


The biking was equally wonderful. On Saturday several of us rented hybrids/cruisers and headed out toward the beach trails. Lots of lovely hills and beautiful scenery; it was the perfect pre-cursor to the wedding ceremony. On Sunday, I rented a road bike (!) and headed down the harbor side of the Cape. I made it down to Wellfleet, about 17 miles from the bike shop in Provincetown, riding part of the way with a nice real estate broker from Eastham who was doing his morning loop near Wellfleet as well.

Riding home I got a little lost, and added probably 5 miles and quite a lot of anxiety to my ride, but Google Maps saved me and helped me navigate safely back to the Inn and the bike shop! I thoroughly enjoyed a little foray into faster hill-climbing and awesomer first impressions on the road bike, but my fear of flat tires on my trusty hybrid is much less. Someday I’ll get a road bike, but only when I don’t have to sell my bike first…

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  1. Melissa Ferrick is so freaking amazing. So. Freaking. Amazing.

    The trip looks like it was wonderful - I'm jealous of your coastal adventure...