Monday, August 20, 2012


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Somehow a few weeks have flown by since I last posted. This may be related to how much I'm loving what I'm doing right now... No, I'm not thrilled to be studying for boards, which I am also doing, nor to be preparing my resident application. Neither am I incredibly pleased that the dog required another small procedure to get rid of some infection at his old surgical site. The primary thing I'm doing this month, however, is working with the midwives, and it is fantastic. I'm actually posting from the callroom, so I will be brief. Here are the things I've loved so far:
  • Prenatal visits in English and Spanish and with patients across the demographic spectrum that Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti have to offer
  • Natural deliveries and the proud and happy mothers and babies that result
  • Hands-on learning; I've helped with a couple of deliveries, a few repairs of perineal tears, and lots of physical exams, prenatal teaching, and post-partum follow-up!
These last few weeks have been a flash-back to the best weeks of medical school, my OB/GYN rotation, but with an extra emphasis on the collaborative relationship between pregnant women, their families, and their healthcare providers. So wonderful!

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  1. I was warm and fuzzy with you up until the perineal tears.