Monday, February 08, 2016

As old as the redwoods, and other weekend escapades

Many of you will know that I had a birthday on Friday. It was not a major milestone birthday, but it did happen to fall during a clinical block where I, wait for it, did not have any cases scheduled so had a secret day off. Yes, it's true, I lounged around the house eating french toast and watching television in the morning, and then went on a bike ride in the afternoon. It was phenomenal. In honor of becoming old(er?), I opted to bike up to some redwood trees on Friday. I ended up riding up to the young ones near Muir Woods because I had it in my mind that I would bike 33 miles round trip, and the older trees were too far away.

 I stood in the middle and contemplated briefly that, in the scheme of things, I'm not so very old. 

 Later in the day I also got carded when I ordered a beer, so then I really felt not so very old.

Later in the weekend I also biked up into the headlands. My lower body is sore today, but I'm feeling good that I biked >90 miles last week!

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