Thursday, July 21, 2005

Furniture, furniture, everywhere!

I'm definitely going to miss all of the folks who are out west/are heading out west... I'm just going to point out that Colorado, already acknowledged as one of the coolest states, hardly needs this influx of fabulous people. I mean, come on. Michigan, now there's a state that needs to hold on to it's cool people. Who's going to vote with me next year??? Anyone? Anyone? I know that there are a few of you, but I'll miss those of you who will be casting your beautiful blue/green ballots in another state. And for so many reasons beyond your votes.

On the plus side, you have all left me with your furniture and appliances. Apart from the fact that there is not an inch of wall space in my bedroom right now that is not covered with a piece of furniture, and that I will probably have to give up the microwave at some point, I am wholly appreciative of your generousity. To say nothing of the wealth of plants for which I am now caring. They are thriving, simply thriving, but I can tell they miss you. Although, since some of the plants may not have noticed that their home changed hands, and since others of the plants may feel that their previous home has only been compressed into one room, it's not surprising that the plants have not yet registered the shock.

But all sadness aside, here's a mental exercise for all of you: Start with one oddly shaped, somewhat small attic bedroom. Then, place the following furniture in such a way that you can still do yogalates on the floor: 6 bookcases, two dressers, a small chest of drawers, a bed, a music stand, and a cello. Good luck.


  1. I miss the plants, too. kisskisskisssingingkisskiss

    Can I stack some of the furniture up?

  2. none of the furniture is stacked...

  3. Anonymous7:49 PM

    I'm voting with you.