Sunday, March 30, 2008


Finally, all three items in the set are complete... Please ignore the ghostly pallor the flash created...

I bought this red/orange yarn when I was in South Africa last summer. I loved the color, and really needed the wrist warmers to keep me warm in the cold South African winter. I knit up the mitts while I was there, and enjoyed them thoroughly! Once I returned (with a whole suitcase filled with yarn), I was wrapped up in lots of other projects (knitting and otherwise) and I left the yarn languishing in my basket. Once it got cold, and I realized that the only hand-knit hat I had was the first one I had ever made, I brought out the yarn again. I made the hat, and it kept me delightfully warm. Finally, I realized that I couldn’t wear the hat with my green scarf without looking a little like one of Santa’s elves. At that point, I pulled out more of the yarn (and believe it or not, there is some left over even now) and planned the scarf. I finished the scarf yesterday, and am quite proud of my little trifecta.

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