Friday, April 18, 2008


As soon as it started to warm up, I switched to cotton. I got this beautiful hand-dyed yarn when I was in Portland. I’ve been wearing it pretty much every day since I finished it last week.

It seems that we’ve weathered the winter, and spring is here. It’s still fits and starts of warm weather, but it’s definitely getting there (read: it snowed a little last weekend). It’s been sunny and between thirty and seventy for the last week or so. You wouldn’t think that a range of 40 degrees in the space of three or four days was reasonable, but I assure that here, in lovely Michigan, it is. I for one, quite enjoy this part of the season. It’s what reminds everyone from out of town that the layering that’s such the height of fashion recently has always been critical to survival here. When the day starts out just below freezing, but warms up to a sunny practically tropical temperature during the day, there are really no options other than layers. (Apart, I suppose, from going home in the middle of the day, but that just seems silly.)

Adding to my lovely (albeit tired) mood is the end of the semester. Though I still have one take-home exam left to work on, I’m mostly done. I’ve handed in several papers, taken and exam, and am emotionally/mentally completely finished with the semester. Hopefully that won’t get in the way of the stats exam still to come…

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