Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween Part 2: Wearing

Once the costume was finished, I was quite pleased. Overall, it came out fairly clear (I think) that I was a financial index, and I didn't get a lot of weird looks or questions...Alicia helped me to find all of the logos, so all 30 companies were represented, even on the sleeves.
There was one minor issue: I didn't realize that while I was ironing the front, I was also ironing the back onto the kitchen table. This is why a small portion of the Dow Jones logo is missing. I managed to scrape it off of the table fairly easily, and I don't think it affected the shirt terribly.
I couldn't convince Alicia that being a toxic asset was a feasible costume, so she went as Mario. She looked pretty awesome.
We were quite the pair, and overall had a nice time last night, both over at a friend's house and then out at The Bang!
Here we are (looking serious) out later in the evening.
Next year, having aquired a variety of hats, we may be the Village People...

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  1. Anonymous8:28 AM

    Wow, you guys look great! What creativity!