Sunday, April 11, 2010

1200 miles

I bought my bike in July 2007, just as I was starting at the School of Public Health. I had lofty goals of riding my bike to school (~25 minutes each way) every day until at least early November, and pulling it back out as soon as the weather thawed in spring. That didn’t quite turn into a reality, but I have ridden a lot over the past few years. Riding the bus (and the concurrent reading or chatting it allowed) usurped some of the bike time, and I proved to be much less tough when it comes to riding in cold weather than I thought, but I hit 1200 miles last week anyway! (Apologies that the picture was not taken right on the mileage marker... I didn't have my camera on the bike with me.)

Highlights of biking around Ann Arbor and Michigan have included:

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