Thursday, April 08, 2010

Desert Butterflies

Alicia and I were in Phoenix last week and had a truly wonderful time. Here is a brief summary of the things we did:

Tuesday: Spend all night on a plane. This was not the plan, but our flight was really delayed. We got to fly first class though! (We opted not to take photos so as not to reveal ourselves as “economy” travelers…)

Wednesday*: Desert Botanical Garden, Haji Baba (Middle Eastern Lunch Spot), Tempe Yarn and Fiber, South Mountain Park

Thursday*: Heard Museum, Fry Bread House (Native Lunch Spot), Chicano Museum

Friday*: Grand Canyon, Oak Creek Brewery (Sedona Dinner Spot), Sedona/Oak Creek Canyon

Saturday*: Cactus Bikes, mountain biking in the desert around South Mountain, driving through the Superstition Mountains, Canyon Lake and Tortilla Flats with Jack

Sunday*: brunch (yum!), Tucson (and Bookman’s, which I now love)

Monday: fly home… This was not the plan, but after Delta canceled our flight on Sunday night it was our only option. I left at 6:00am and flew through Salt Lake City, arriving in Detroit just before 3:30pm. Alicia left at 9:30am on a direct flight, and arrived in Detroit just before 4:30pm. It all worked out, but cost us both a working day. Boo…

*During all of this we were hosted by the incomparable Uncle Jack and Aunt Linda. They welcomed us into their lovely home and were the most gracious hosts we could have hoped for. We had a great time sharing dinners with them and availing ourselves of their tour-guiding capabilities. Also, Linda works seasonally at See’s Chocolates, which is another benefit to staying with them…

Thanks again Jack and Linda!

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