Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Prague or Budapest?

I’m heading to Vienna in July for the International AIDS Conference and have arranged to get there a little early and stay a little late. Since the flight is so expensive, and the hostels are not, it seemed foolish to get there without doing a little traveling on my own. I’ll arrive July 16, and head straight to Salzburg. I’m anticipating getting there by early afternoon, staying the night, and see the sights on the 17th before heading back to Vienna that evening. The conference starts the morning of the 18th, and runs through the 23rd. I’m planning to see Vienna during times when there aren’t conference events, and I think that over the course of the five days, I should have plenty of time. Once the conference ends, the dilemma begins. Ruti said I must see Prague. Mom said that Budapest was one of the highlights of her travels. Both are within easy train rides of Vienna, though Budapest is slightly closer. Here’s your chance folks… Send me your vote!

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