Sunday, May 23, 2010

Walter’s Day Out, or Gratuitous Dog Photos

Today was by far the warmest day so far this year – my computer still says it’s 79F and it’s 7:30pm. It was also sunny, making it the perfect day to meet up with Ashley and Ferdinand for a walk in the Arb. I was a littler nervous about how Walt would respond to Ferdinand, given his frequent difficulty with larger boy dogs, and Ferdinand is nothing if not a gigantic boy dog, but my fears proved unfounded and they got along swimmingly. We walked and had a lovely time, and when Walt got hot and a little tired, he just relaxed in the shade.

And then rolled in the grass trying to rid himself of the just-bathed smell he had from yesterday.

Back at Ashley’s, she pointed out the gigantic rawhide bone with which she simply couldn’t interest Ferdinand. After a few sniffs, Walter went to town on it. It was only slightly too big, having been intended for a dog slightly over 4 times his weight…

Here is Ferdinand after noticing that Walter is chewing his bone, perhaps realizing for the first that it is an exciting and delicious treat.

And then, here is Ferdinand enjoying his bone after Walter was distracted by a treat.

Thankfully it was time to head home, as Ferdinand growled a little at Walter and then Walt just sat and whined pathetically while he watched Ferdinand enjoy the bone… It was a great time, and I just might have to get Walt the most gigantic rawhide the world has ever seen…


  1. You last sentence leaves me thinking that there is probably some disturbing rawhide Guiness Book world record that you probably don't want to get personally involved with.

  2. You are a wise friend - I will have to get Walt the most gigantic rawhide that is convenient and economical for me to procure...

  3. aaaaawww...cute puppy pictures make me smile every time!

  4. Anonymous6:56 AM

    We'll see the Walter next weekend. Have a good week with your data...