Wednesday, June 02, 2010

120 miles!

I’ve biked just over 120 miles as part of my training for One Helluva Ride in July. Today, I biked a 10 mile interval workout with the end point at the Farmer’s Market. This was lovely, and the morning ride was much cooler than later in the day. I picked up green onions, asparagus, spinach, and some greenhouse tomatoes, and saw the woman who runs my winter CSA picking up strawberries to freeze – yum!

I’d checked the weather report before I left, and while it said 100% change of thunderstorms around 11am, it was only 30% at 8am (when I left the house). This seemed like good odds to me. Lesson here: do not gamble. As I left the market the thunder began, and by the time I was at the bridge over the river, large droplets began dampening by jersey (and shorts, and helmet, and bike, and bag)… I made it home before the downpour began (see below), but just barely. Drying off now…

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