Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just fix your problems with solutions…

This has been Ash’s Google chat status off an on for quite some time, and it always amuses me. So rarely are the solutions easily identified and implemented that it makes it seem silly to even suggest this as an answer. Unless, apparently, your computer is still under warranty and something seems to be technically malfunctioning. The oh-so-sleekly-designed-yet-vaguely-less-functional media button panel on my laptop started to malfunction a while back. It would stubbornly try to eject a CD when the drive was empty, or eject a DVD in the middle of watching. It would also turn up the volume to the maximum, entirely of it’s own accord. I called Dell and had a lovely tech support person update the drivers/firmware/BIOS on my computer, all to no avail. Finally, since none of these had worked and the buttons continued to act like pieces in a haunted house, they said they would replace the parts – the CD/DVD drive and the buttons. I believed that it would be worth the $40 to have a technician come to the house and replace these rather than to mail my computer away for 7-10 valuable working days, and Dell proved me correct. The kind technician arrived on time, disassembled and reassembled my computer with the new parts in about 20 minutes, and all is well. Yay for fixing problems with solutions!

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