Friday, July 09, 2010

At record speed…

And now, a brief update on the bicycling that has (or has not) been going on around here:

My training schedule was going brilliantly through June. I was getting faster, going farther, and in general having a great time. I hit my highest speed ever going down Glazier Way, and hit 1500 miles on my bike odometer.

Then the move happened, and a friend’s wedding, and the most ridiculously hot weather ever, and suddenly it’s been two weeks since I did a really long ride. In fact, I never made it to the 35-45 mile training rides I had planned, which means that 77 miles tomorrow sounds like a painful and slow plan. Instead, I think we will be riding the 64 mile route, which will still be the longest I’ve ever ridden, a great deal of fun, and a stepping stone toward longer rides later in the summer and fall.

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  1. I am slightly concerned that there is no follow up post.