Monday, July 19, 2010

Bill Gates answered my question!

AIDS 2010 – the International AIDS Conference – is off to a great start.  I went to some satellite sessions (organized by groups other than the conference, but reviewed by the conference for relevance) yesterday before the opening, and attended sessions today from 8:30AM-8:30PM with only a brief dinner break, and I’m still ready to start at 7AM tomorrow…  Famous people I have seen speak:

  • Deputy President of South Africa, Kgalema Molanthe
  • Former US President, Bill Clinton
  • Head of his own foundation, Bill Gates

Before Bill Gates spoke they were handing out note cards (fancy conference printed note cards, but basically note cards) for questions.  I didn’t yet know what he would say in his talk, but thought it would be interesting to hear him talk about what parts of the AIDS epidemic can be addressed with technology, and at what point we would run into the problem of brain drain and workforce issues.  After he spoke, the moderator took up a stack of cards, but only got to 3-4 of them.  Mine was one of them!  I was a little disappointed because he didn’t really talk about those issues directly in his talk, and his answer wasn’t amazing, but it was still pretty cool. 

I will try to post some pictures soon, but am also trying to sleep!


  1. Hi Sweetie- So glad to know that you are there. I think the Bill Gates thing is tatally copasetic...get lots of sleep...can't wait to see what you think of Budapest... and don't forget to see Freud's little museum...I know, who would want to see that, but historically, he has a place in our you, Mom