Sunday, February 13, 2011

More (and better) bread

I posted a week or so ago about giving bread baking a try, and being quite happy with the results. More recently, however, I tried the original No-Knead Bread recipe adapted by Mark Bittman from the recipe Jim Lahey uses at the Sullivan Street Bakery. It is better. I would also note that if the bread is going to rise for 4 hours it might as well rise for 12-14 hours. I made the dough the night before and baked it last Friday morning.

I did not have a ceramic pot like the one called for in the recipe, and so created a bread terrarium out of Pyrex bowls. It worked!

The only issue seemed to be the apparent stickiness of the bowls, so next time I'll use a little oil to prevent the sticking.

I’ve been eating it all week, and it is amazing. The crust is crunchy and delicious, while the inside is spongy and nice. The only modification I made was to substitute 1 cup of multigrain flour with 2 cups of all purpose flour for the 3 cups of all purpose flour the recipe calls for.

As I type this I’m letting two more loaves rise in the kitchen, slightly upping the proportion of whole wheat or multigrain flour (one loaf of each) to 1.5 cups. Yum!


  1. I had the same thing happen with the crust sticking to the baking dish and was wondering if it might have been the fact that my baking dish hadn't been preheated (without the bread dough) with the oven... did you have a similar experience?

  2. I actually did preheat the bowl before I put the dough into it to bake, so I don't think that's the trouble. For the two loaves I made yesterday, I used a paper towel and (quickly!) wiped the bowl with grapeseed oil before putting the dough in, and the loaves came out of the bowl beautifully and without incident.