Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Twilight Woods

A few weeks ago, Alicia called in sick and came over to spend some quality time with Nurse Walter. She snuggled under the blanket with him on the couch for a little rest and relaxation, and in doing so, she unwittingly created a new nickname for the dog. When I came home, I thought the dog was wearing cologne, or more specifically, some vaguely doggy version of Twilight Woods, a Bath and Bodyworks fragrance that Alicia likes. Since that time, I’ve been calling him variations on Twilight Woods, including, but not limited to, Wimptini Woods and Twilight Walt.

I now present you with the most recent of the gratuitous dog photos:

Nurse Wimptini Woods relaxes in his lotion scented blanket after his sick charge heads home.

Dante is our upstairs neighbor, and he and Walt have discovered tug of war. Dante does not know of Walt's most embarrassing series of nicknames yet.

As much as Walt enjoys tug of war, his favorite part is winning.

Walt attacks from below.

This is what I saw when I searched for the source of some quiet wimpering this evening. I think he vaguely needed to go out but couldn't quite bring himself to get out of the bed.

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