Sunday, October 23, 2011

Detroit Beerfest!

 Every year I plan to attend the Michigan Summer Beer Festival in Ypsi, and every year I miss it for one reason or another. I think I’ve either missed buying a ticket before it sold out, been out of town, had a local engagement I couldn’t miss, or had to work in the hospital for at least the last 5 years. Enter the Detroit Fall Beer Festival.  After missing this year’s summer beer festival as well, I was thrilled to learn of another opportunity! The Michigan Brewer’s Guild invites breweries from across the state to serve the best they have to offer alongside some delicious local eateries and amongst a wildly entertaining crowd. The only disappointment was that I didn’t know that I should have made a pretzel necklace to wear/eat during the festival – next year!
 Here are Alicia, Heather, Matt, and Patrick enjoying the festival...

It was a beautiful day, and as a special bonus, there was an exhibition of giant apple sculptures (?) at Eastern Market...

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  1. OOOO...we saw the giant apples when we were at Eastern Market (not for the beer fest, just good old produce shopping...). They were so clever. I believe I heard that they were auctioned off for charity, too.