Sunday, January 29, 2012

An afternoon of “the circus arts”

Ruti and I discovered the Detroit Fly House when we saw some photos from a friend and colleague of mine doing aerial yoga, that is, yoga poses on trapeze, aerial silks, and on that suspended round ring that is apparently called an aerial hoop or lyra. We were quite intrigued, and the inspired and wonderful Ruti arranged a class for us. While not all of the photos taken were the most flattering the world has ever seen, we had a wonderful time on the trapeze and the fabrics yesterday!

We started on the trapeze, and did some crunches there to get the blood flowing. Then we got to climb the fabrics, which took me back to my days of climbing the rope to the ceiling in gym class…

We then did some poses on the trapeze, which made me realize that I do have a slight fear of heights, but actually feels quite secure once you are twisted around it in some way and not just standing.

After that we did a few more poses on the fabrics, and another series on the trapeze, and called it a day. I was almost unable to use a fork due to extreme fatigue of my arm muscles, and today my hip flexors are approximately 1000 times shorter than they were yesterday, but it was totally worth it.  

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  1. First thing Dad said when he saw the photos was - I wonder if she can move this morning? Looks like fun!!!