Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy New Year y Bienvenida a Miami

Apologies for the brief blog hiatus; I’ve had a slower start to this new year than ever before, and am kind of enjoying it. Details below…

I rung in the new year in a decidedly more relaxed fashion this year than in previous years, by watching movies with the dog and going to bed early. It was great; there was no disappointing party, no crabbiness when I got tired, and no giant let-down at midnight when the magical ponies (or whatever I thought was supposed to make midnight on New Year’s Eve so amazing) failed to materialized. Walter and I looked approximately like this when midnight passed:

Early the next morning, I boarded a flight to visit Laura in Miami. We went to the beach, saw the sights around South Beach, and visited the Everglades. I also got to spend more time with her lovely fiancee and their endearing dog. It was a fantastic trip, and a wonderful way to get the new year started right.

 The view of the Bay of Biscayne outside their condo.
 Laura and I (below) at the beach (above)
 Art Deco beauties in South Beach
 Everglades flora and fauna: ferns (above), pelicans and alligators (below), and vultures (bottom)

Since returning home, I’ve started a new block of my psychiatry rotation, scheduled one of the two parts of the board exam for later this year, and planned out a draft of my M4 schedule. 2012 looks awfully promising, and I’m not yet convinced that the low key new year wasn’t the key to this awesome set-up… Happy 2012 everyone!

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