Sunday, February 05, 2012

Wonder Dog

The NYTimes posted a really beautiful piece about service animals for children with emotional and other mental health issues that I read this morning. It described how sensitive dogs are to people’s emotional needs, and how perceptive they can be to subtle disturbances in mood and behavior. I thought the article was a nice follow-up to my last post about how helpful Walter was in coping with the emotional ups and downs of medical school. Read the article here, and if you care to, leave a comment about it below.


  1. I swear, if I end up buying a dog this week, I'm blaming you.

  2. And if you do, I will almost feel guilty about it...

  3. I have read about that. Service animals used in nursing homes and hospitals. And nothing will bring a smile to your face sooner than seeing Walter prance around in those boots!