Tuesday, September 18, 2012


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Somehow it’s already been two weeks of my urology rotation, and I haven’t shared with you all how awesome it is. I have been busy with other things (like ERAS – the online residency application – which I will tell you more about later), so here are a few highlights:

  • My first week included “the Nesbit,” which, as far as I could gather, is a symposium organized each year to feature interesting research from urologists at UMMS and other important people in the field. This hear it was specifically about Health Services Research, which was a fantastic coincidence. Everyone was very gung-ho public health (with the possible exception of one speaker, but he was there primary to remind us of how much we need to continue to work on communicating our work with colleagues who do not have lots of statistical background), and it was fascinating. Topics ranged from specific descriptions of interesting studies and funding mechanisms to frontiers in urology (both methodologically and geographically).
  • I’ve gotten to spend some time with the Neuromuscular and Pelvic Reconstruction (NPR) service, who are the urologists that spend the most time with female patients. They do joint cases sometimes with the urogynecologists (with whom I thoroughly enjoyed a rotation last November), and provide a slightly different perspective on things going wrong in the pelvis. I’ve seen some crazy reconstructions, some procedures for incontinence and some interventions for painful bladders.
  • I’ve also gotten to see other things that I’ll likely never do again, like the construction of a new bladder from a piece of stomach combined with a piece of small intestine, for a child who was effectively born without one. So cool!

I would highly recommend a urology rotation for anyone. Here are just a few of the the specific (and I’m sure widely applicable) skills I have learned or refined so far: foley catheter placement, suturing and knot-tying, cystoscopy, penis jokes, and smiling and nodding at gynecologist jokes.


  1. I have been looking into making a career out of Urology. I am currently enrolled as a freshmen and I am taking the basic classes, figuring out what I want to do, and evaluating my extra curricular activities. I started contacting local urologist to discuss my options for my future. I talked to Urologist Dr. Kaminetsky and his office. The conversation went great. Thank you for putting an emphasis on getting involved in this field.

  2. I'm glad you are so excited about medicine and urology, Giana! Good luck with everything.