Thursday, December 27, 2012

Burn out

Cross-posted on Dose of Reality:

Between October 4 and December 14 I did fourteen residency interviews, although most of them were concentrated between October 27 and December 14, so all told I did an average of two interviews a week for seven weeks. I was home for 17 days during that period, spread out over the interview season.

Things that were wonderful about the interview trail:

  • Catching up with friends in distant cities
  • Enjoying cuisines that aren’t available in Ann Arbor
  • Meeting so many delightful future colleagues/potential co-residents

Things that were terrible about the interview trail:

  • Sleeping on floors, air mattresses, couches, and guest beds; thank you to everyone who hosted me, but the cumulative effect was rough
  • Air travel
  • Leaving Walter with every friend and relative I have in the greater Ann Arbor/Detroit area

I’m glad I did it, but I’m really glad I’m done. Now the excitement of making a rank list and holding my breath until March 15 when I find out where I’ll be heading for the next four years. Stay tuned!

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