Wednesday, January 02, 2013

And the CSA makes one more appearance, from the freezer…

So when I posted previously that the summer CSA was finally complete, I’d forgotten about one small remaining item. The corn. Toward the end of the summer I was getting lots of corn on the cob, and just couldn’t keep up with eating all of it. So I would boil it, cut it off the cob, and throw it in the freezer. When I finally took stock of what was in there, I realized that I had about 12 cups of frozen corn languishing in there, taking up valuable real estate as my winter-time, frozen CSA was about to begin. Someone brilliant (Lynn, for the record), sent me this recipe, and it was a wild, wild success. I doubled the recipe, in order to use a full 10 cups of frozen corn, leaving only a little bit still in my freezer. The soup was delicious, and the salsa/garnish was not only fantastic on the soup, but was also great with tortilla chips once I realized that I had more than I really needed for the soup. All of it was made with frozen corn, and was just summery enough to make me almost forget that it's really gross outside, and warm enough to keep me cozy when I had to brave the weather. Enjoy!

The giant vat of soup. I recommend an immersion blender!

The garnish. I think the only modification I made was adding avocado to taste (meaning as much as possible) rather than limiting myself to the recommended amount in the recipe.

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  1. My CSA has a "heart of the winter" share involving fresh veggies! It starts this week, super excited! :)