Friday, January 04, 2013

The knitting of 2012

2.16 miles of yarn =

3 cowls

3 pair of mittens

2 hats

2 scarves

1 afghan

2 pair of baby booties

2 baby sweaters

2 hot water bottle covers

2 candle sweaters

2 bangles

1 pair of fingerless gloves

The 2.16 miles of yarn is equivalent to 137,100 inches. Employing a now tried and true calculation, that’s about as many stitches, which would take approximately 685,500 seconds of knitting, or just over 190 hours of knitting this year. As with last year, most of my knitting was concentrated during breaks, during points of heightened travel (read: interviews), and around the holidays. Goals for next year include not trying to knit so many gifts that it becomes a chore and taking advantage of idle minutes with small projects!

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