Sunday, January 20, 2013

A giveaway… of knitwear…

With the particularly terrible turn in the weather this morning, I was forced to consider my options for cold weather gear. I dug through the giant tub of things in my closet, searching for the one item I actually wanted. I’ve been wondering for a while about the best way to cull the herd, if you will, and move along some handknits to make room for the new. Looking at them again this morning, I realized that it had grown fairly urgent. Pre-dating my concern that my collection of hats and scarves and mittens (and gloves and cowls and leg warmers) had reached a critical mass was a blog posting by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee in which she raised some money for a charity by posting knitted items and having folks bid. They let her know how much they'd give to a charity in exchange for the knitted item. I’d like to do the same, giving back by giving hand-knitted goods.

I present to you the hooded scarf. It was a great idea, and I loved it for a few weeks after I made it, but I’ve found that I much prefer the hat and cowl that I made out of the same yarn (they all match my mittens). It's an alpaca and wool blend, and a very dark teal color.

If you, or someone you know, would like to sport this for the rest of our terrifying winter, and beyond, please fill out the form below in the next few days. If you submit the winning bid, I’ll let you know. At that point you can send me the receipt from the charity you've donated to, and I'll get the scarf to you.

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