Thursday, April 25, 2013

Some things…

from the interwebs…

I don’t usually just post links, but there were two things that I just couldn’t pass on sharing, and that seemed somewhat linked.

First, a lovely infographic from the lovelier Ania, a fellow MSTP, about the incredible Ann Arbor. While I’m excited to be heading out of town in a terrifyingly few short weeks, there are definitely things I’ll miss about being here.

Second, an article about deciding whether to go to graduate school. It’s written by a former humanities graduate student, but I think captures a lot of the feelings that I have when students ask me whether they should think about the MSTP or just go to med school or grad school like everyone else. Enjoy it here.


  1. It took me awhile but I found the real sources for the image and the stats. :)

    Original Photo: James Rotz
    Design: Carl Greene
    From the Summer 2012 issue of Emergence, the journal of the University of Michigan Stamps School of Art & Design.

  2. Or I could have looked more closely at the fine fine print at the bottom. Oof.