Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Someday came so quickly…

I started blogging here just over eight years ago as I was preparing to start medical school, and started blogging for the medical school shortly thereafter. I named the blog for a nickname, Dre, after some good laughs that I would ultimately be Dr. Dre. I didn’t know at that point that I would ultimately be accepted into the MD/PhD program, and that someday I would be Dr. Dr. Dre, if that were really a title that anyone used. As of Friday, and for another ten days, however, I am writing to you as Dr. Dre! Someday is here! My PhD was conferred on 5/3, and the medical school graduation is not until the 17th. I think I’ll plan to keep the title of my blog until I’m as well-recognized as my namesake, Dr. Dre…

Ruti and I after the hooding ceremony! 


  1. Congratulations Andrea. You have worked so hard!

  2. *high five* Also, this is super encouraging because up until now, I thought my PhD diploma would be rolled up in my M.D. diploma and that was it! Yay hooding ceremony!

  3. CONGRATS! Looking forward to reading about this next chapter!

  4. Hi Dr. Dre!,

    We are students at Temple University and the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine who have a deep interest in medical education, which is what attracted us to your blog. We appreciate your thoughts because there are so many ways med ed can be improved upon. As a recent med school grad you probably agree.

    One of the ways we're working to do so is through a medical education app called Osmosis that close to 5,000 medical students across the nation have signed up for (http://invite.osmosis.org). Our goal is not only to provide medical students a free or low-cost alternative to the really expensive question banks they currently rely on, but also to deliver these questions via a novel mobile app that pushes out questions for review.

    It would be great to speak with you about this and other areas of medical education. Please let us know if you're interested in having a brainstorm session. We'd also be happy to give you early access to the app to check it out.

    Brandon Scott
    Temple University

    Shiv Gaglani
    MSII, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

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