Monday, April 25, 2016

In which the pendulum swings entirely in the other direction

Having just written about the very real downsides of setting ambitious goals, I thought I would share today some of the ambitious goals that I've set for myself. It's been almost exactly four years since I last rode in a century ride, documented here. That was during the early part of my fourth year of medical school, and I think it's only fitting that I attempt another (at least) one while I'm a resident. It's not clear to me whether I'll actually have time to train, but I'm committed to trying.

The first ride is the Best Buddies Challenge from Carmel to Hearst Castle. The possible routes are detailed here, and I'm hoping to complete the 100 mile ride with my cousins. Both Matt and Chris are in much better shape than I, but hopefully they will ride slowly with me! If all else fails, I'll drive a little further down the coast (maybe Big Sur) and meet up with them for the last 62 or 30 miles, which I can definitely complete.

The second is a reprise of last years Waves to Wine with Team Menstrual Cycles. Last year I rode 40 miles on the second day, and this year I'm hoping to ride on both days, ideally completing the 100 mile ride on the first. I'm already registered (the link goes to my fundraising page!) but have realized that my clinical schedule may be all but impossible on that weekend, so keep your fingers crossed for me. Here is a flashback to last year's ride:

Chris and Matt, if you're reading this, you, too, could rock a cycling jersey with a uterus riding a bicycle!

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