Sunday, April 03, 2016

The return of the post-call bike rides

My third year of residency has truly been a tour of models of resident coverage in a variety of different settings. At different points throughout the year I've worked in clinic only without any call, I've been the covering resident for anyone who is ill or otherwise unavailable, I've been on a night float team, and I've taken 24 hour call every three days, and I've been part of weekend call teams. There are definitely pluses and minuses to each one, and frankly all of them are exhausting in some way. For this current six week block, I'm on a (seemingly) random 24 hour call schedule, so I'll have non-weekend post-call days again! 

I'm definitely not in Hawaii anymore, and my post-call surrounds are distinctly more suburban versus exurban than tropical, with some agricultural sights thrown in for good measure. I'm also driving a car belonging to my amazing and gracious co-resident that does not hold my bike. These facts have necessitated a reconsideration of my previous (island-bound, Prius-driven) cycling regimen. I have dreams of a century ride (or even two!) in a few months, so we'll see if I can make those come true. 

 First post-call ride was a jaunt through Golden Gate Park and down the beach. Sometimes I forget that we live in a really beautiful place...

Second post-call ride was a painful reminder through the Presidio that my night float biking was really only my short nightly commute and that I am profoundly deconditioned...

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