Thursday, December 10, 2009

A chilling twist of fate…

I enjoyed November.  It was cool and even a little bit sunny, and I even went so far as to call it the fall I didn’t get in September and October, when it was downright hot.  I even got excited about the snow earlier this week.  I prefer winter over summer, and would rather wear layers of clothing than sunscreen.  As a direct result, I’m sure, it is currently 12 degrees Fahrenheit outside.  It is slightly sunny (which I appreciate a great deal), but it is windy, and it is cold.  This leaves only one appropriate description: “the skin-burning cold.”

Every year I forget about the skin-burning cold as anything other than an entertaining story with which to terrify new students from warmer climates.  Every year I forget that there really is no fabric on earth that can stop this kind of wind.  Every year, I get cocky and do things like not putting the liner in my coat even though I have been informed that the high for the day is the same as the low for the previous night, which was approximately 18 degrees.  And then, every year like clockwork, I’m shocked to feel the biting wind on my face, the bizarre feeling of the condensation on my eyebrows (blown up from my scarf) freezing, and the irrepressible urge to close my eyes to keep the delicate fluid inside them from freezing too. 

But take heart, dear readers, as not all is lost.  I have great plans for new knitted goods for just this sort of day, and within days, I’ll have enough free time to actually start/finish them.  That should make the winter just bearable enough that over the spring, summer, and fall, I forget how awful it really is.

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