Saturday, December 05, 2009

Solstice Decorating

I haven’t wanted to celebrate Christmas, per se, for quite some time. I love giving (and wrapping) gifts, enjoy spending time with family, and although I could do without the stress the holiday season seems to bring with it, overall I like celebrating, I just don't like the Christian part of the holiday. Don't get me wrong, Jesus was an amazing person, but that's about as far as I go. Over the last few years, I've been more decided about celebrating the solstice, and welcoming the (too slowly) lengthening days and shortening nights.

Since I've had a place to decorate, I’ve only been variably good about doing so. This was due in part to ambivalence, in part to being really really busy around this time of year, and in part to being overall less than thrilled with the Christmas-iness of the decorations. This year, I've hardly had second thoughts. After deciding that the tree is a lovely symbol for the coming solstice, and the decorations decidedly wintery, secular, and crafted by generations of family crafters, I put them all up.

By the door, there is the jingly Rudolph with a surprising sprig of holly coming out of his forehead. To the best of my recollection, this was crafted by my paternal grandmother, and I like the bells just inside the door.

On the wall is the amazing advent calendar created by my maternal grandmother during her Sequin Period. Some of the ornaments have been lost over time, and this year the 21 remaining are perfect for a countdown to the solstice.
The star ornament has long been lost so I use my favorite one, fondly termed the-many-eyed-bunny as the top of the tree. His lovely sequined face makes him look a little bit like he was exposed to a lot of radiation in utero, but he's so sparkly and cute anyway.

Finally, I set up the little tree I got from dad and Jodi when I started college. I managed to wrap the beautiful tree skirt mom (somewhat preemptively) made for me a few years ago when I started medical school, and it makes the whole area look more festive. It's sitting with some little snowmen, two made my Grandma Rita, and one from Alicia's mom several years ago. They look so wintery and happy that I almost (but only almost) want it to snow.

Happy December!

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  1. I almost cried with dorm-room decorating nostalgia - but I managed to stick to giggling.