Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A knitting victory!

I knit a lot… And I know that… Nonetheless, in the fall and winter when school ramps up I knit less than I do in the summer. Which means that sometimes things that get started in the winter don’t get finished until… much later. Enter the gray vest: I cast on for the bottom of the ribbing last February. Then, I became consumed with a variety of other projects all summer and didn’t really come back to the vest until school started. Now, finally, after the amount of time it takes most people to create a fully formed human, I can finally present the finished garment. (Please note that I recently posted about my desire to knit instead of doing work. In light of this, please do not pass along the happy news of my knitting accomplishments to any of my dissertation committee members…)

You will note that the best lighting in my apartment at night is in the bathroom... This should explain the oddly plush (actually terrycloth) backdrops.

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