Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A lovely visit

My apartment has mostly been converted into a pre-holiday sweatshop, but I have been enjoying myself nonetheless. At the very least, working hard on crafting all day provides a lovely change of focus. (And I will note that tomorrow I’m kind of hoping I have some time to work on my model results. This sort of anticipation and excitement about academic work has not been noted since the last break…) My eyesight-killing, shoulder-tightening labor, combined with the fact that many people are already out of town for the break, has meant that my social life is a bit limited. There is one visitor, however, for whom the crazy crafting is not substantial deterrent. In fact, I might even go to so far as to say she welcomes it. That visitor is… you guessed it… Ash!!!!!

She and Walter knit while I… also knit… and took pictures of them knitting… You see how this could potentially limit my social interactions…

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