Sunday, December 19, 2010

Winter of Detroit, Part IV

Eastern Market and Supino Pizzeria

On Saturday, in spite of the cold, Alicia and I headed down to Eastern Market, the gigantic farmers’ market in Detroit. Calling it a farmers’ market doesn’t even really do it justice, as within the many stalls there are various artisans (soap-makers, chocolate-crafters, wreath-sellers) as well, and in the blocks surrounding the actual market, you can see the suppliers of seafood, meat, and equipment for all of the restaurants in the area. Also the suppliers of nuts:

We walked through all of the market, feeling sad for those vendors with the misfortune to be standing outside. Though the indoor sheds were by no means hot, they felt downright toasty compared to the cutting wind outside. I bought some apples and lemons, which were grown in Michigan and somewhere else respectively. Because the market supplies not only individual shoppers, but restaurants and other businesses, they have a much larger variety of produce than most farmers’s markets. Apparently restaurants need citrus even when the rest of us can only get cold storage apples…

After perusing the market for a bit, we followed Ruti’s (incredibly strong) recommendation that we hit Supino Pizzeria for lunch. It proved just as delicious as she’d promised! It’s a small place, so if you plan to go, you can call ahead and order so that you don’t have to wait. Tables are limited, but we only waited a few moments before someone finished and we were able to snag one. Another successful excursion in the winter of Detroit…

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