Thursday, December 09, 2010

Winter of Detroit, Part III

Detroit Urban Craft Fair and The People Mover

We headed down to the Fillmore Detroit last weekend to check out the Detroit Urban Craft Fair, and afterward I convinced Alicia that we should ride around the People Mover once, as it is only $0.50 to ride around the entire loop.

The Craft Fair was really quite good. They filled the lobby, the main floor, and the stage of the theater with booths for (mostly) local crafters and artists. I was impressed with the range of goods, though it was, I think, pretty typical of a good craft show: jewelry, textiles (dishcloths, knit and crochet items, pillows, potholders, etc), ceramics, and soaps, among other things. In addition, there were a few somewhat surprising booths filled with glass mosaics, little robot sculptures made from old flash bulbs and other electrical oddities, and dog collars. I must also note that there were some hand dyers there with yarn, and that I was good and did not purchase all of it… I found some great gifts, and would highly recommend your local craft show for stocking stuffers as well as bigger items that friends and family members don’t yet know that they need.

After we headed out into the bitter, bitter wind, I grabbed my camera and we headed up to the People Mover station. I think the last time I rode it all the way around was in elementary school when we got off at every station to learn about the art featured there. It's worth making the trip just to see the murals and other art pieces! Here is a pictorial tour of a round around the People Mover starting at Grand Circus Park Station.

Alicia with the uncannily realistic-looking statue at Grand Circus Park.

Looking down Woodward toward Comerica Park and the Fillmore Detroit.

Riding the people mover!

General Motors International Headquarters, The Renaissance Center

The river, looking particularly wintery and cold.

The bridge to Windsor.

Part of the mural at the Michigan Ave. Station.

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  1. Andrea thanks for sharing. You guys find such interesting things to do!