Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dia 2: Bogota

Our second day in Bogota was really delightful. We went on a bike tour of the city led by "el gringo" Mike, a Californian ex-pat who has lived in Colombia for the past few years.

We saw a lot of the city, including a park created after the most notorious of Bogota's slums was bulldozed, a fruit market where we tried all kinds of exciting fruits that have no English translation, the bull fighting stadium, and the legal red light district which is limited to a restricted "area of high impact social activity," because it affects the neighbors substantially (no pictures of that)...

After we finished the bike tour, we joined up with another of the cyclists and headed up to the cable car up Monserrate, a hill on the edge of the city. With my deep love of public transit, I was quite excited to ride both the cable car (up) and the funicular (down) that run on Monserrate.

There is a church on top of the hill, and as it was Easter Sunday there was mass going on, but we were mostly interested in the stunning views of the city and of the mountains on the other side.

After we came down the hill, we were hungry for dinner and went by the Israeli restaurant that was closed when we pass it on Saturday. It was still closed, but we headed to another Middle Eastern restaurant for the Colombian take on shwarma:


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