Friday, May 27, 2011


I made a delicious cake for Ruti before she headed out to DC for much of the summer. I used the recipe from Smitten Kitchen without alterations. I’m not skilled enough to mess with real baking; I can alter a muffin recipe, but that doesn’t involve whipping egg whites and yolks separately, and folding a variety of items into said whipped eggs… In any case, it came out beautifully in spite of a few minor cracks in the cake as I rolled it.Link

As an aside, no, Ruti does not always wear pearls around the house. They look lovely though, don't they? The cake was clearly a special occasion...


  1. Hey, you have a blog! Long time no talk. The cake looks AMAZING ... I pink puffy heart Smitten Kitchen. Amazing. Looks like you're doing well! Still play cello anywhere? xxoo

  2. I am now happily following your blog - yay! I'm a dedicated member of the Life Sciences Orchestra here at UM though I'm not sure how this upcoming year will accommodate the rehearsal schedule... Fingers crossed!