Monday, May 30, 2011

A wonderful break

This morning was one of the nicest mornings we’ve had in a long time: no rain, not too much sun, heat, or fog, and a beautiful blue sky. Alicia had identified the Tour De Lakes as a promising option for an organized ride, and I wanted to push myself to increase my distance. We signed up for the 31 mile route, and I recruited a new med school friend (!) to join us for the ride. I am feeling good about my training, and am hoping that I can at least maintain where I’m at now. With the ride this morning, my May mileage is 113.5 miles, and all of 2011 is 129.90 miles. True to form, I’ve been tracking my progress on the Bike Journal rankings. There are lots and lots of riders who aren’t riding very much, so every time I log another ride I shoot up in the rankings. While there are folks at the top of the rankings who have already biked over 10,000 miles this year, I know that’s not really reasonable for me. Here is my progress since I started making notes:


Not too shabby…

In any case, the ride this morning ended up being just over 35 miles, and it was my fastest of the season (about 13.5 miles per hour, which is fast for me, but slow for most folks on road bikes). It was really wonderful to just be outside in some nice weather, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this to continue!

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