Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Congratulations Camille and Rajeev!

I went to a really lovely wedding last weekend. My upstairs neighbors (parents of Dante, a charming Corgi mix, to those of you in the know) got married and I had a simply delightful time. I got my hand decorated at the Friday evening Sangeet:

It got much, much darker overnight, but is starting to fade a little bit now. Most of my colleagues at the clinic are intrigued by it; one asked to clarify whether my hand was just dirty, or whether it was left over from the wedding.

They also had a photobooth, where I took some cute pictures of myself. Brighter folks than I took quick cell phone photos of the strip of pictures and posted them various places – I’ll try to remember to add that here when I’m back in Ann Arbor.

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