Monday, May 07, 2012

Happy Belated Blogiversary!

I was looking back at my list of posts today and saw that I’d missed an opportunity for a reflective post. Not one to let that pass, I thought I’d share with you some reflections about the past seven years. That’s right, it’s been seven years since I started this blog on May 3, 2005, optimistically titling it “Someday I’ll Be Dr. Dre,” hardly daring to dream that one day I would actually be able to see the end of medical school coming up around the bend. I posted frequently for a little while, then less so, and then started blogging for the admissions office in January of 2006. At some point I moved all of those old posts over here as well so that everything could be archived in one location. Since then I’ve posted at least once per month (roughly!) in order to fulfill my commitment to the medical school, and much more than that over the past few years to fulfill my commitment to myself, to reflect on my life and share ridiculous images of my dog with the world.

In that time I’ve learned by reading others’ blogs to think about what is posted here, what is posted on the admissions blog, and what is kept private. I’ve learned by listening to friends and family what things they like to see and what motivates them to interact with the blog, through comments and surveys and even phone calls. I’ve learned by writing to identify my own many stages of burnout, to procrastinate creatively, and to frame my life in the way I’d like it to look. I’ve learned so much that I’ll probably keep going even after I’m Dr. Dre. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Anonymous4:37 AM

    Your mom hopes you keep blogging because it's a nice way to see what's going on, and view all those great pictures of Walter!