Thursday, January 14, 2010

It arrived…

and I was too tired/busy to play with it…  The camera travelled in record time (ordered Sunday night, shipped Monday, arrived Wednesday afternoon) but I haven’t gotten any farther along than opening the box, giving a quick visual appraisal, and looking through the first few pages of the owner’s manual.  It gives lots of helpful advice like “Batteries other than those listed for use with this device may cause an explosion” and “If the view screen breaks, be careful of broken glass.”  I hope not to need most of this advice, but I suppose it’s helpful.  I’m almost to the page that tells me how to turn on the camera and take a picture, so maybe I’ll get there tonight… 

In other news, I have submitted the IRB approval for access to my dissertation data set.  Please send happy thoughts to the committee so that they love it, and approve it rapidly.  Also please send happy thoughts to me in Java, as I will be programming like crazy while I’m waiting on the data.  Oh Java, how do I love thee…  let me count the ways:

public int countTheWays() {

theWays = 0;

for (Program program: andreasProject){

     if (screwUp = true) { theWays --; }


               theWays ++;


return theWays;


Please just don’t tell me if you find a coding error in this, the most nerdy joke I have ever made…

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  1. Best of luck with the IRB...waiting, waiting, waiting...